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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for therapy through insurance?

Yes! However, you should check that your employer covers it and how much they cover per year. Most companies cover therapy services. We do not provide direct billing so you will be provided a receipt to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

How many sessions are required?

Clients are recommended to attend at least 3 sessions in order to assess fit and to determine the effectiveness of the therapy sessions. Clients are urged (especially at the beginning) not to book sessions more than two weeks apart to ensure moderate progression through the therapeutic process. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are most common.


Once a suitable fit has been established the frequency will depend on the individual client and the issue(s) that brought them into therapy. While some clients’ needs can be met after as little as 8-10 sessions, others will require additional sessions (20-25) or choose to continue long term on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to "maintain" or "check in".

Do you offer initial FREE consultations?

Yes, free 15 min consultations are offered to all potential clients to ensure an appropriate fit on both sides.  In the event that it is not the correct fit you can be referred to another therapist or organization that would better suit your needs.

What is the length of the session?

Adults - 50 mins

Students - 50 mins

Couples - 60 mins

Families - 60 - 75 mins

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